Skunkworks Compilation Art Book

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A must for Jim Hardiman fans, these two volumes comprise the vast majority of the late Mr. Hardiman's works. Printed on high-quality paper in full color, these paperback volumes feature almost all of the comics and portfolios Mr. Hardiman produced from 1995-2013, as well as farewell fan art produced after his death. Most of this content has been out of print for a decade or more, making this an excellent way for fans to enjoy the vast majority of work in printed format for the first time in many years.

Volume 1 consists of 156 pages. Volume 2 consists of 186 pages. 7"x10" in size. Full color. 80lbs glossy paper with soft cover.

Volume 2 includes a small gallery of photos and fan art made by artists other than Mr. Hardiman as part of a loving tribute.

Each volume limited to 100 units!

Please note: while the highest quality images, including new scans of original works, were used whenever and wherever possible, please be aware that print-quality originals were not always available (especially in Volume 1) resulting in some small pixelation in some cases.

This work is officially licensed from the James M. Hardiman Estate. A portion of the proceeds will go to Jim's family.

Questions about how these volumes came to be? Please read the statement from Jim's family here:

Letter from Jim's Mom

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