Flight Instructor Dakimakura by Aaron Kim

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Stand up straight, recruit! This gal is ready to put you through your paces! How do you expect to handle those high g-turns if you can't handle her? And keep your hands on that joystick!

You can see more of Aaron Kim's work here:

Our standard Peach Fuzz fabric is of exceptional quality and is machine washable and long lasting. Silky smooth to the touch, it will last for years with proper care!

Order the Two-Way Tricot Upgrade for our softest fabric yet! A polyester/spandex blend, it offers superior feel and stretchiness.

Want only the best? Our deluxe undressable is two Tricot dakis in one, an exterior and interior. So you can undress the character!

Finished product is not censored.

Pillowcase only.

Pillowcase is 50cmx150cm in size. Fits standard-sized body pillows or three standard pillows.

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